Guarantee: If the product is under normal use and maintenance (follow the manual instructions), due to material, workmanship or manufacturing problems resulting in performance failure, during the warranty period, we will provide you with a replacement service and will not charge you for the warranty service. If the reseller has an additional promise to you, you should ask the reseller to honor it, and Deen Smart is not responsible for this.  

Warranty Period: It's one year from the purchase date of the product (subject to the invoice date of the purchase of the product).  

Warranty Claim Process: Customer must fill in the forms (provided by Deen Smart Service Team ) with a detailed description of the issue and sufficient proof of purchase (the order number from our authorized resellers, pictures, and videos of the defective product ) We will verify and reply you shortly. All unauthorized returns will be rejected.  

Note: It will be necessary to return a defective product for quality inspection before Deen Smart  releases a product replacement.  

Not Covered Under Warranty:

● Purchases from unauthorized retailers or lost products.

● Products without sufficient proof of purchase.

● Items that have expired their warranty period.

● Non-quality related issues.

● Free products.

● Repairs through 3rd parties.

● Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, operating devices improperly).

● Failure or damage caused by force majeure or unexpected events.

● Product rupture, rust and damage caused by contact or exposure to improper temperature, solvents, acids and alkalis, prolonged immersion in water or foreign matter intrusion, etc.