Multifunctional Visual Pore Cleaner Device-K22


A Smart Way to Clean Facial Pores: Utilizing the vacuum negative pressure technique, it quickly cleans the mixture of excess sebum, aging cuticles, and external dirt from pores, effectively restrains the formation of whiteheads and blackheads to avoid the worries of acne and skin problems caused by whiteheads. 

Hot and Cold Compress Function: Skincare and eye care comfortable hot compress function promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscle around the eyes, and relieves eye fatigue, it also helps opening facial pores better to be prepared for the cleaning process. Icy cold compress function rejuvenates the skin around the eyes, reduces eye edemas, and restores the vitality of the eyes, it also helps shrink pores with appropriate skincare products.

Visualization APP and HD Camera: The built-in high-definition visual camera technique allows clearly visualization of facial skin when there is a need. The App has video and photo recording functions, it can record the blackheads area, making the blackheads cleaning more accurate, more efficient and more assured, preventing sucking blindly and damaging the skin accidentally.

Two Suction Modes & Replaceable Suction Tips: Work with Gentle Mode and Standard Mode meet different type of skin needs, 3 Suction Tips used for different skin areas. Gentle Mode suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, remove external dirt and mild blackheads; Standard Mode suitable for neutral skin, remove deep dirt and severe blackheads. Keep using this cleaner device for a long-term skin care can easily say goodbye to oily face, blackheads nose and keep our facial skin healthy and fresh.

Safe & Effective Pore Cleaner Device: The device is a top quality product made of excellent materials and uses an effective approach to solve skin problems.. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery environment friendly, High-performance microcomputer control system, one-button switch setting and operating, simple and easy to use. USB and pin contact charger. It is more powerful than the traditional facial cleaning tool; ergonomically streamlined body design makes more comfortable use by hand, this visual pore cleaner device is a perfect gift for both men and women.